Complete hands-on
project management
In a sense, we do just one thing—but we do it well. From small projects to more extensive marketing tactics, we fill the gaps that some other agencies overlook.

  More than a decade
of pharmaceutical advertising experience

After years of healthcare and pharmaceutical promotion, we know that it takes more than just a good idea to produce meaningful industry marketing materials.

Long-standing relationships with research, sales training, and legal and regulatory groups have given us both the understanding and ability to work productively within industry requirements.

Our experience with the many of tiers of healthcare providers has provided the backbone for marketing to various target audiences in several medical categories.

  Extensive resources
in print and multimedia
Although healthcare/pharmaceutical promotion has traditionally resulted in print media, BSFG recognizes the need and benefit of both print and interactive marketing strategies.

As sales aids, direct response, and advertisements continue to make the transition into interactive media, BSFG can help you balance your strategy with a multimedia methodology.


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