Over the years, BSFG has compiled a considerable body of work. A selection of our print promotion collateral is featured below. For more information, about our work or our company, please complete the attached REQUEST FORM and click to send. We look forward to meeting your needs.


Product relaunch can be as critical to the bottom line as an initial product launch. In 1998, GATE Pharmaceuticals asked BSFG to revamp their print advertising for Adipex-P. The new campaign featured detail aids, file card leave-behinds, POP posters, and various print materials. From the inception of this campaign, GATE has seen a 500% increase in annual revenue for Adipex-P.


Branding is the backbone of every project - big or small. This CD cover for CIGNA International incorporates elements from a broader corporate identity to define CIGNA for an internal audience.

Marketing materials can be challenging when considering FDA requirements. In order to accommodate an unwieldy 8-page PI, this file card for ORAP (pimozide) (Tourette's Syndrome) was designed with an inexpensive die-cut pocket. Sales representatives embraced this efficient and clean approach to detailing their customers.

The detail aid is an important part of the pharmaceutical sales arsenal. A strategic blend of science, design, and sales, each detail aid should create a balanced and insightful presentation to a specific medical market. This detail piece for Adipex-P communicates the benefit of weight-loss success through both visual cues and solid clinical claims.

Corporate image is key to establishing credibility in an international marketplace. So when GX Bio, a Danish research company, established North American headquarters in Philadelphia, they asked BSFG to develop a corporate image. The result: a double-helix-based logo which became an instantly recognized symbol of the burgeoning biotech market.

When Agouron Pharmaceuticals, a Pfizer company, wanted to establish a consistent and clean look to their sales training materials, they looked to BSFG. Utilizing an established layout template, specific typography, and an array of related images, BSFG designed a series of cost-effective training aids that provide a platform for future expansion.

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